Soft drinks: Izze sparkling blueberry

I love blueberries. Fresh blueberries, blueberry conserve, blueberry syrup and blueberries baked into pastries are all high on my list of blueberry treats. But as the blueberry preparation gets further away from the original fresh blueberry I get more skeptical. When it comes to blueberry products I want a good balance of sweet and tart and a definite blueberry flavor.

Izze’s blueberry soda has the color of blueberry, which tends to be more red than blue, and a clear fruit flavor. However, the most pronounced fruit in the mix of grape, apple and blueberry juice is that of the apple. The blueberry is subtle. In fact it is so subtle that it isn’t discernible as blueberry. But there is a hint of berry that sets this apart from Izze’s apple soda.

Izze sodas have plenty to offer. They are 70% fruit juice and have no added sugar. Each 12-ounce bottle has 130 calories, only 30 mg of sodium and 33 carbohydrates. And since blueberries have beneficial vitamins and antioxidants, drinking their juice can be a good thing.

The bottom line is that Izze’s blueberry soda is not going to satisfy a craving for blueberries. But if you like sparkling fruit drinks this is a good one, and may just be good for you too.

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